ThailandThailand has long been on the list of countries most visited by Australians and it’s no surprise why. Cheap prices mixed with a mind-blowing cultural experience, dreamy tropical beaches, all year round hot weather, friendly locals and mouth watering food are some of the reasons that Aussies love this country so much. These are the same reasons that year twelve students are choosing to venture to Thailand for their Schoolies celebrations, combining an overseas trip with their friends for a truly unforgettable experience.

While there are less official Schoolies events in Thailand than elsewhere around Australia and the Pacific, many resort areas in Thailand cater specifically to a young, party crowd all year round, making a Schoolies celebration possible at any time. There are many beach destinations to choose from, with the favourites beingKohSamui and KohPhagnan (Schoolies Full Moon Party). These destinations have everything that an excited school leaver could possibly dream of – affordable five star resorts, postcard perfect beaches, humidity, young travelers from all over the world and cocktails that are both cheap and pack a punch!

Spending your Schoolies week in Thailand is a fantastic way to open your eyes to the world, gaining a greater understanding of different cultures and wetting your feet for further travel, while still being able to kick up your heels and celebrate the end of your high school education. In this sense, there really is something for all tastes to be found here.

Beachside bars rage on to the early hours of dawn, with licensing laws and regulations much more lax than at home, making Thailand the ideal destination for the real party animals. In the same breath, Thailand is the ultimate place to come for 100% relaxation. Massages and spa treatments are top notch, cheap and located on every street corner, while the beaches are pristine, the pools are luxurious and fresh fruit juices are chilled and waiting. Day tours to picturesque locations, Thai cooking classes, watersports, activity parks and shopping galore make this beautiful country the perfect playground for Schoolies, no matter what kind of experience you are looking for.

If fun in the sun while venturing to new and exotic places if you’re cup of tea, speak to Schoolies Club today. We are Thailand enthusiasts and always excited to share our wealth of knowledge about this unique destination.

Of course, part of the reason you are on your schoolies trip is to celebrate – so make sure you are booked into the official schoolies accommodation so that you can gain access to the Official Thailand Schoolies Party!
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