When is the best time to book?

Like the Hottest concert tickets, the best time to book is early. The best accommodation gets sold out first, so don’t wait any longer!

Do we book on this website?

Yes the whole booking can be done on this website by clicking ‘Book Now’ from the menu

Is it safe?

All Schoolies packages and accommodation include several safety measures. Safety and Fun are equally as important. We have a 100% safety record over the entire 10 year duration of the Schoolies events. There are people on site to help you when needed. Sure Thing Schoolies is our chosen host for the parties and events – They are fully accredited, licensed, and have an excellent reputation.

How do we pay for the trip?

There are many ways to do this. When you select ‘Book Now’ from the menu, you select your Schoolies trip and details, then you will receive the details on how to pay the deposit