Schoolies Parental SupervisionAs a parent, there can be no greater stress than sending your child off for Schoolies Week. This is most likely the first time that your child will be acting as an independent adult, responsible for their own actions and out of your reach for instant support. You can’t help but think about all of the negative Schoolies stories you have seen in the media over previous years and worry about the safety of your child without parental supervision.

However, this can also be a very significant and exciting time, a milestone demonstrating the important transition of your child entering adulthood. Think of Schoolies as a great adventure and a rite of passage. For the vast majority of teenagers, Schoolies is a wonderful and happy experience, full of cherished memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

For parents, the best thing you can do to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your child is be educated about all of the Schoolies options. Most events are expertly controlled by official Schoolies organisations who take huge lengths to ensure that their celebrations are alcohol and drug free and well supervised. You can help out by doing the research and assisting your child with all of their arrangements. It will be better for your peace of mind to know that you have booked through official companies and have all the arrangements in place before you send your child off.

Safety being a major priority, booking accommodation with an Official Schoolies Resort is imperative, as these lodgings are catered especially to the Schoolies demographic. Bookings made through an official Schoolies agent and supplier like Schoolies Club put extra measures in place to ensure that trips are safe as well as highly enjoyable and will ensure you can still have a sound night’s sleep.

Booking well in advance is another sure way to provide peace of mind. The earlier you book, the more options you will have and the cheaper things will be. Advanced bookings also give your child something to look forward to and work towards during their studies, and take the unnecessary stress out of frantic last minute bookings.

If your child wants to spend their Schoolies Week overseas, knowing the relevant information about certain countries will be very helpful. For example, Bali is a super fun destination, but not high on the safety scale. On the other hand, Schoolies in Vanuatu is one of the most highly rated Schoolies events and is also considered one of the safest.

Whether overseas or local, if you book an official Schoolies trip like the ones offered through Schoolies Club, you can rest assured that there are extra measures in place for safety and protection, as well as being a great set up for a fun and enjoyable Schoolies atmosphere.

Schoolies Club is operated by Sure Thing Travel, a 100% Australian owned company holding a first class government issued travel license. Our years of Schoolies experience and a flawless safety record are just a couple of the reasons that we are Australia’s leading Schoolies wholesaler. We are also open 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your convenience – Many parents appreciate the lengths we have gone to in providing this level of service for our guests. Our Contact number is 1300 49 59 69 (24hrs /7 days) and our email address is

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