Safety at Schoolies

Safety at SchooliesLike most situations in life, your level of safety is determined by your behaviour. However, when it comes to Schoolies Week, several measures have been put in place to make it as safe as possible for you. As exciting as Schoolies can be, we understand that it can also be daunting to be away from home and we recommend taking certain precautions to ensure that your Schoolies experience is a memorable one, for all the right reasons.

First of all, booking through a reputable company like Schoolies Club will make sure you are staying in official Schoolies approved accommodation and attending official events. Doing this will make sure that you have no problems at check in (some hotels can be a little sketchy about underage travelers or don’t allow Schoolies guests at all) – but this won’t be an issue at all when your accommodation is booked properly through Schoolies Club. In addition, these hotels come with the official schoolies wristband, they must meet guidelines of safety, prime location, resort facilities and schoolies-friendly staff.

Travel with a group of friends who you know will be there for you. Surrounding yourself with people you know and trust is paramount to a safe and happy Schoolies experience. Doing this will give you the security of knowing you’ve always got someone there to watch your back, as you would do for them.

We all know you will be partying hard – after all, that’s the whole point! However, Schoolies should be treated with the same regard that you would on any night out, wherever your location may be. Limit your alcohol consumption, never walk around alone at night, don’t leave your drink unattended, treat others with respect and generally, just don’t be an idiot! It’s advisable to carry some spare cash and a list of important phone numbers separate from your phone and wallet, just in case you lose anything.

It’s not all just about partying, you will be spending long days in the sun and nursing hangovers by the pool, so make sure you keep well hydrated, don’t forget to eat and of course, be sun smart. Remember that there is no pressure to go hard every single night, taking a break every now and then to do something nice and catch up on sleep will put you right back on track.