Get Your School Involved

get-school-involvedCan you imagine a better Schoolies experience than celebrating with all of your classmates in the one place, rather than being scattered around at various destinations around the world? Imagine the fun you could have if all the friends you made over your high school years all journeyed to the same location, providing the chance to spend some final quality time together, creating everlasting memories, while meeting new people with the security of travelling with familiar faces?

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect Schoolies experience then speak to us about getting your whole school involved. Schoolies Club can liaise with your school to set up a program catering to your specific needs. This not only ensures that you get to party with all of your friends, but also takes some of the stress out of the decision making process when planning your Schoolies trip. For those that aren’t sure how they want to spend their Schoolies week, booking with a school affiliated program can truly be a lifesaver.

Contact our team today for more details about how to get your school involved and start planning the Schoolies trip of a lifetime today!

Our contact number is 1300 49 59 69 (open 24 hours) or email us on or simply fill the form below. We are always here to help you – all day and all night – every day of the year.